Linberg Park Sale

Welcome to Linberg Park’s sales page. Here you will find more information about the available mobile homes and lodges the park offers for sale. The overview shows pre-owned and new lodges divided in various price ranges, so that anyone can afford a wonderful holiday on our lovely leisure park.

Mobile homes are on display near the park entrance. We offer several possibilities for buying a mobile home at Linberg Park. For instance, you could move the mobile home to an empty pitch once the purchase has been completed. After consultation, this pitch can be furnished according to your wishes.

Another possibility, is that you buy a mobile home or lodge already located on a seasonal pitch in the leisure park. In most cases, the pitch and lodge will be fully furnished already, so you can immediately enjoy a stay in your holiday home. Some of the mobile homes already situated on a pitch are listed in the overview below accompanied by a site number.

Are you interested in one of our lodges? Do not hesitate to request more information or to make an appointment and visit Linberg park. It is possible to visit the available pitches on which you can place your mobile home or lodge during your visit. Please make your way to the reception desk upon arrival in the park. You will then receive a list with all available lodges and mobile home at Linberg Park. More information on costs and procedures is available upon request too.

We look forward to meeting our potential buyers!

Overview of the available year-round sites